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Development Sprints

Riverbank rooms 2 & 3 - 9am-5pm Mon/Tue

Python wouldn’t have gotten to where it is without a welcoming community of developers building cool things together. The development sprints are an open space for people to work on projects with a particular focus on open source projects.

The sprints are a place for everyone, from experienced open source contributors, to interested first-time contributors, and anyone really! Maybe you want to hang out and try out an idea you have, maybe you’d like to find collaborators for a project you want to start, maybe you’d like someone to help you through your first attempts at open source. We’ll provide tables, chairs, wifi, power and a community of supportive developers.

Monday: DjangoGirls Adelaide

DjangoGirls will be running in Adelaide as part of PyCon AU. Find out more on the DjangoGirls page.

Venue map with directions to Riverbank rooms