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Open-Source Communities and Ten Years of MicroPython

Saturday 11:20 AM–11:50 AM in Hall A

MicroPython started life in early 2013 as an experiment, to see if it was possible to shrink a high-level language like Python down enough to run on very small devices. Ten years later MicroPython is a mature open-source project that is relied upon by a wide variety of users. In this talk I will discuss its history, my experiences maintaining it as an open source project, and some of the interesting places MicroPython has found itself in.

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This talk will focus more on social aspects of software engineering rather than the technical bits, and doesn't require any background knowledge of MicroPython. It will include some insights on how to run a big open-source project on GitHub, aspects of building and fostering a community, obtaining funding, testing, making releases and more.

Damien George

Damien started his career as a theoretical physicist researching the Standard Model, cosmology, and the possibility of extra dimensions. He got side tracked after creating MicroPython and now works full-time maintaining it.