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WASM in your wheel?

Sunday 11:15 AM–11:45 AM in Hall E

How to publish Python packages containing native code without the hassle of building 27 wheels.

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Publishing Python packages with native code is a challenge. Unlike a pure-Python project which just needs a single wheel, a project with native code needs a wheel for each possible operating system, platform, architecture, etc, most of which you do not have local toolchains for. Tooling does exist for this, but what if there was a way to build a single wheel that does run anywhere?

WASM allows us to do exactly that. It's not just a technology for the browser or Javascript ecosystem, there are now several high-performance WASM runtimes for Python that allow your Python code to call into WASM binaries.

In this talk we'll explore the different options available, how to write the interop on both sides (C and Python), and the implementation of this in a Python package that is part of a popular open source Python-ecosystem project.

Jim Mussared

Jim is a maintainer on the MicroPython project and a part time physics student. Formerly SRE at Google and programmer at Grok Learning.