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Generating Python bindings to C++ libraries

Sunday 11:55 AM–12:25 PM in Hall E

Ever wanted to use your favourite C++ libraries in your Python? This talk will discuss different ways of generating bindings to C++ libraries, including the approaches that the RobotPy project has used over many years.

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RobotPy gives over 50 teams of high school students competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition the ability to write robot code in Python.

This talk will explore different popular solutions generating bindings to C++, including SWIG and pybind11, and introduce some projects that automatically generate binding code, including robotpy-build, RobotPy's own solution to generate pybind11 code. We'll also discuss some of the complexities around library dependencies, making sure the bindings feel Pythonic, and publishing to PyPI.

David Vo he/him or they/them • auscompgeek

David is a software engineer and former university tutor. In his spare time David mentors The Drop Bears, a FIRST Robotics Competition team, and helps maintain RobotPy, a project to bring Python into FRC.