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Learning FastAPI on hard-mode: getting out lots of the hardest (aw yeah, geo) data fast

Saturday 10:40 AM–11:10 AM in Hall E

APIs! Async! Type validation! ISO standards! Large geodata! Let’s do it all in python in 2023.

This will be a tour of FastAPI, Pydantic, pyproj and some other interesting modern tooling -- this talk is aimed towards people who don’t know about these things but are curious about maybe using them or at least seeing how they’re used IRL.

We’re responsible for the darling golden child of data.gov.au, its most popular dataset: G-NAF, the monster-scale National Address File. We make sure this data (and a bunch of its buddies) are delivered via API to all who wants it as fast and accurately as possible every day and we use mostly python tooling to do it. It’s a fun and Australia-centric data-palooza.

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Elena Williams