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The Terrifying Longevity of Ideas

Sunday 9:20 AM–10:05 AM in Hall C

Why do some ideas seem to stick around forever? Why do some ideas seem like they've been there forever, even when they haven't? Why do some ideas never seem to gain traction, even when they're good?

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The way we form ideas, the way we share them, how we use them, and how we decide which ones we accept and which we reject is a fascinatingly complex area. It's also one that has a lot of interesting links with the way we, as people who deal with software a lot, deal with both code and the concepts that go into it.

I've been having ideas about ideas for a while now, and I really look forward to sharing them with you.

Benno Rice he/him • @benno@eigenmagic.net

Benno has been in the technology space since 1995, which is closer to the Apollo 11 moon landing than to today. He started out in system administration and technical support, moved into software development, dabbled in management, and then sidled back to development again. He's worked on everything from web applications to kernel code and, in a stunning turn of events, has opinions on all of it. He's also been involved in various community things including a stint as a member of the FreeBSD Core Team. He is not, as some claim, an expert on systemd, nor is he (unfortunately?) a bear in a hat.