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Gender Tapestry - New ways of looking at gender classification

Saturday 10:40 AM–11:10 AM in Hall A
Content warning:

I will be talking about gender as a spectrum as a non-binary person. The slides and the project are vibrant and colorful and may hit differently if you have a color vision deficiency.

What is gender? It is easy to imagine gender as a linear spectrum, but in my research I have explored the concept that gender is more like a three dimensional spectrum of color. I posit that we all experience gender slightly differently, just like we experience color slightly differently. Therefore, I built an online project using Python and Flask to classify people as individual colors rather than genders, to create a tapestry of gender. and show gender as a literal, individual, spectrum.

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Gender tapestry is an online art project that encourages us to consider how we think about gender classification. This talk will be an exploration of the development of my PhD project Gender Tapestry where I created a gender classifier that assigns unique colors to people, rather than genders. This work is an interactive online project written in python with a custom Keras multi-label classifier, flask and integrations for a projection based live work. This talk will explore my development and planning of this work, the joys of learning Flask and Django, GAN and mosaic integration and will include an ongoing live demonstration of the work. I will also discuss what this work means for gender and gender classification and why machine learning is an ideal medium to interrogate machine learning.

J. Rosenbaum they/them • @minxdragon@wandering.shop • @minxdragon

Dr J. Rosenbaum is a Melbourne AI artist and researcher working with 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and extended reality technologies. Their work explores posthuman and postgender concepts using classical art combined with new media techniques and programming.

J received their PhD at RMIT University in 2023 exploring AI Perceptions of Gender and the nature of AI generated art and the human hands behind the processes that engender bias, especially towards gender minorities. Their artwork highlights this bias through programmatic interactive artworks and traditional gallery displays. They speak at conferences worldwide about the use of artificial intelligence in art and have exhibited all over the world. J’s artwork has been supported by the City of Melbourne Covid-19 Arts Grants and has won the Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize.

J works with classically inspired aesthetics with the latest technologies to create a speculative future grounded in the aesthetics of the past to show that gender minorities have always been here and will continue into the future.