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HttpRequest: An unsung hero of Django

Friday 11:00 AM–11:30 AM in Hall E

Part of the DjangoCon AU specialist track

We use it in every view, every request, but how much is HttpRequest doing for you that you never thought about?

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One of the key strengths of Django is protecting us from the dangerous things: the non obvious hazards, the common tedious work, the foot-guns of the whole wild web.

Take a tour through HttpRequest, that cornerstone of every Django view, and see all the work you never realised it did for you.

Curtis Maloney He/Him • @FunkyBob@chaos.social • @bunkyfob

Curtis (@FunkyBob@chaos.social) has been a Python developer for over 25 years, and has watched with enthusiasm as the language and community evolved over the decades.

He started learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in the last 90's, and has watched with enthusiasm as they've evolved over the decades.

In 2013 he was awarded the inaugural Malcolm Tredinnick Award, and later, in 2014, he was invited to join the Django Core team for his efforts helping people on IRC learn Django.