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The Python 3D Visualisation Landscape

Friday 11:40 AM–12:10 PM in Hall C

Part of the All Things Data! specialist track

A survey of packages in the Python ecosystem for real-time 3D rendering and data visualisation

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This talk will give an overview of the ecosystem for real-time 3D rendering packages in Python. It will talk to trade offs between higher and lower level abstraction APIs, browser-based versus platform specific hardware rendering, and different use cases for 3D rendering from desktop application views, Jupyter and/or browser based views, and support for exporting 3D renders to other formats.

Owen Lamont he / him • @owenrlamont#fosstodon.org

I'm an experienced software engineer with 15+ years experience although only been working with Python mainly for around three years. I'm a generalist who likes to sample as much of the Python ecosystem as I can dabbling in both general software engineering and data science tech stacks. Coming from a games technology background the closest thing I'd have to a speciality is advanced and 3D data visualisation. I love being on the bleeding edge of technology and always keen to find and try applying new packages and share what I've found with anyone I can get to listen.