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What can't WebAssembly do?

Sunday 10:35 AM–11:05 AM in Hall E

You might know of WebAssembly as a way to run languages other than JavaScript in a web app, but it is much more than that. Not only does WebAssembly let us push the limits of what a web browser can do, it also has an exciting future outside the browser.

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To really understand WebAssembly, we need to look at what it means to compile code for different CPUs and operating systems. We'll use the CPython interpreter as an example to show how compiling for an M1 Mac is different to an Intel CPU or a Windows machine. From there we can look deeper into how WebAssembly works, and we'll explore both options (WASI and Emscripten) for running Python in WebAssembly and why they're both really cool in different ways.

There's a whole world of possibilities that WebAssembly lets us explore! We will push the limits of what you can do in a browser to an entirely unnecessary level, and explore how WebAssembly is shaping up to impact the future of cross-platform support and cloud computing too!

Katie Bell She/her • @notsolonecoder@ohai.social • @notsolonecoder

Katie's 15 year career as a software engineer has been pretty darn fun. She loves exploring new technologies, languages and best practices. She has worked at Google, Campaign Monitor and a bunch of small companies and startups. She loves teaching and has spent a lot of time teaching kids to code as well as bootcamp courses at General Assembly. Currently she's a freelance developer and DevOps consultant.