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Real-time Map Imagery Manipulation with Python, Slippy Maps, Flask, and Pillow: Building Interactive Maps with Dynamic Tiles

Friday 12:20 PM–12:50 PM in Hall C

Part of the All Things Data! specialist track

This talk will demonstrate how to build interactive maps with Python, using slippy map tiles, Flask, and Pillow. We will create a Flask server to retrieve tiles and show how to manipulate them with Pillow, adding filters and overlays to map images in real-time without needing to regenerate the tiles. Attendees will gain insights into building more engaging and dynamic maps, leveraging the power of these powerful Python libraries.

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In this session, we embark on a journey to transform and serve large image datasets seamlessly for web applications.

Our initial focus will be on converting a substantial image dataset into the Slippy Tiles format. Then after having transformed our data, we'll delve into efficient storage methods, guiding attendees on how to store these tiles in a cloud storage solution, ensuring scalability and ease of access.

Next, we'll shift our attention to the creation of an API endpoint with Flask. This will allow users to access the stored map tiles seamlessly. But we won’t stop there! We'll enhance this endpoint with powerful functionalities to modify the byte stream data in real-time, opening avenues for dynamic interactions and manipulations.

By the end of this session, participants will possess the skills to effectively transform large image datasets, store them in the cloud, and serve them through a dynamic API endpoint. This knowledge equips attendees to create more interactive and responsive map-based applications and visualisations.

Oliver Holmes he/him/his

Oliver Holmes is a senior software developer with over 15 years of experience in the software engineering industry, with a particular focus on geospatial technology. Currently, Oliver works as a software developer at Anditi, a geospatial software company that focuses on delivering innovative solutions for infrastructure management, disaster response, and environmental monitoring.

Prior to joining Anditi, Oliver held the position of Development Manager at Aerometrex, an aerial mapping and geospatial information company, where he led software development projects from conception to deployment. In this role, Oliver worked on cutting-edge geospatial technology projects, collaborating with various stakeholders, including customers, product managers, and other developers.

Oliver's core competencies include developing geospatial data processing pipelines, integrating mapping technologies into mobile and web applications, and implementing geospatial algorithms. He is proficient in using programming languages like Typescript and Python, and possesses advanced skills in working with tools such as GeoServer, PostGIS, and GDAL.

Throughout his career, Oliver has worked on several projects that have focused on geospatial data visualisation, mapping, and analysis. His exceptional technical knowledge and skills in geospatial technology have enabled him to deliver efficient and innovative solutions that cater to his clients' needs. Oliver is passionate about developing cutting-edge geospatial technology solutions and is always exploring new and emerging technologies in this field.