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Robyn: A fast async Python web framework with a Rust runtime

Saturday 2:50 PM–3:20 PM in Hall B

This talk explores Robyn, a Python web framework that utilizes Rust to achieve high performance while still allowing for easy Python code writing. By examining Robyn's architecture and development, the speaker will discuss how it improves web application performance and provides insights into designing high-performance web frameworks. The talk highlights the growing involvement of Rust in the Python ecosystem and how Robyn is pushing the limits of Python web development.

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With the rise of Rust bindings being used in the Python ecosystem, we know that throughput efficiency is one of the top priority items in the Python ecosystem.

Inspired by the extensibility and ease of use of the Python Web ecosystem and the increase of performance by using Rust as a core, Robyn was created.

Robyn is one of the fastest Python web frameworks in the current Python web ecosystem. With a runtime written in Rust, Robyn achieves near-native rust performance while still having the ease of writing Python code.

This talk will focus on the increased involvement of Rust in the Python ecosystem. It will also demonstrate why Robyn was created, the technical decisions behind Robyn, the increased performance by using the Rust runtime, how to use Robyn to develop web apps, and most importantly, how the community is helping Robyn grow!

I will briefly demonstrate my experience and challenges of building a community around the project and how it allowed Robyn to ensure a smooth sail even in turbulent situations. I shall also share my future plans for Robyn.

Sanskar Jethi he/him • @sansyrox

Sanskar is a Software Engineer during the day and a FOSS maintainer during the night. He is the author and maintainer of Robyn, which is one of the fastest web frameworks in the Python ecosystem. He has also recently created Starfyre, a web framework that allows you to create reactive web frontends in Python. Sanskar loves attending, speaking, and organizing conferences and has been an active part of various Open Source conferences.

When not writing code or attending conferences, Sanskar enjoys designing, reading philosophy, and following the latest technological trends. These days, Sanskar is a big fan of chasing the pump and lifting heavy weights in the Gym!