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You can't do that in MicroPython!

Saturday 2:10 PM–2:40 PM in Hall B

MicroPython is great for hobbyists! You can control LEDs and motors, it's so easy! But you wouldn't use it for anything serious. Right? Surely not! It's too slow. You can't use all the features of a micro. It consumes too much power. You don't have control over memory.

Yeah, nah. You can't do serious embedded work with MicroPython...can you?

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I've heard all of these arguments - and more! - raised against using MicroPython for professional software development. But, having actually used MicroPython for commercial software development for several years - to build medical devices - I'm here to tell you that you often CAN do that with MicroPython!

We'll take an objective look at scenarios where conventional wisdom may suggest that an interpreted language like MicroPython is inappropriate for embedded use. Is there merit to the arguments? Or is it time to improve the way we develop embedded software?

Matt Trentini he/him • @matt_trentini@fosstodon.org • matt_trentini

Matt is a software engineer with more than twenty years professional experience. Yes, sigh, he's getting old.

Having worked on a wide variety of projects - from tiny embedded applications to large web-based system - means that he has tinkered with most aspects of the software stack. He's enjoyed it all! Apart from technical pursuits he also loves rock climbing and, generally, being in the outdoors.

Matt hosts the Melbourne MicroPython Meetup; and hopes to see you there when you're next in Melbourne!