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h5pydantic, from a Synchrotron through Python to HDF5

Saturday 2:10 PM–2:40 PM in Hall C

h5pydantic is a Pydantic based library used to describe the layout of HDF5 files using Python models, in a similar way to how SQLAlchemy models are used to describe the layout of an SQL database. HDF5 files are structured binary files, designed to store science and mathematical data.

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This talk will cover: * Providing scientific software support when you're not an expert in the scientific field. * Python dataclasses, and the related Pydantic library. * HDF5 files, what are they, when should they be used. * How to build on top of Pydantic, and the design decisions that you'll have to make. * How to test data transformation code automatically.

Clinton Roy They • @croy@aus.social • @clinton.roy

Clinton is an open source software engineer who has made a career around helping researchers do their work better. Clinton has a long, occasionally deep, history of helping to run open source events in Australia.