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Proactive Ops: Event Driven IT Operations

Saturday 2:50 PM–3:20 PM in Hall E

Traditional IT operations is overwhelmingly reactive - humans respond to incidents and tickets. There is so much noise! Alerts, tickets, audits, chat threads. What if ops could catch the small things before they turn into big problems? What if we could use events and serverless to remediate issues?

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Engineering teams are adopting event driven architectures with herds of serverless microservices. Why can’t Ops play buzzword bingo too?

Most significant issues in productions start off as small problems that are overlooked or ignored. These small problems are usually can be captured via events. Those events can be routed to handlers than can react and remediate the issues.

During this session we will explore what “proactive ops” platform can look like. Areas covered in this session will include capturing events from SaaS products, event routing, building reusable composable components, and the different approaches to deal with policy violations. By then end of session an attendee should be able to start building their own serverless, event driven, proactive ops platform.

Dave Hall he/him • @infosec.exchange/@skwashd

Dave has over 20 years professional experience building, breaking and learning about things. He does a mix of software engineering, cloud, SRE, DevOps and training with a focus on automation, event driven architectures and serverless.