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OpenDataCube - Petabyte Scale Satellite Imagery Processing in Python

Friday 4:10 PM–4:40 PM in Hall C

Part of the All Things Data! specialist track

Imagine performing a basic python API call to load observations of the natural environment from any sensor at any part of the spectrum, any where in space-time since we started digitizing this information. This is what opendatacube aspires to do using its signature datacube.load() command. This talk will cover some history/ architecture of this project and publicly deployed instance of datacubes where this dream is being implemented a continent at a time.

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In the last decade a large amount of earth observation data has become available from national space agencies and commercial providers in cloud native formats. However accessing this data over space-time windows in a convenient way has become more and more complex as each agency sets up independent data holding patterns and image locations.

Open Data Cube (ODC) is an open source project that was born from a Geoscience Australia program, the "Australian Geoscience Data Cube". The core code base moved to the Open Data Cube open source project in 2017. The aspires to be always 100% opensource, free for all to use and released under an Apache 2.0 license. OpenDataCube aims to provide a common Python API for array based access of these data holdings. There are infracode aspects for running a scalable ODC instance on the various cloud providers using managed databases and kubernetes clusters as well.

This talk covers various aspects of OpenDataCube design. Sample environments where OpenDataCube instances have been deployed and typical use-cases for which it is a great fit. OpenDataCube overlaps with XArray and Dask in everyday use and some aspects of these libraries are also covered.

Lastly some enhancement proposals are discussed that could use community contributions at a technical level. Various Australian and international government and private organisations continue to employ core developers. As for any open-source project PR's are welcome from everyone.

Tishampati Dhar he/him • @whatnick@awscommunity.social • @whatnick

Tisham is a Senior Engineer at CSIRO Space and Astronomy division. Previously he held similar roles in various government agencies, private sector companies and startups. He has been pushing pixels since 2004 when he got started using medical imaging devices in Singapore. Since then he has had the priviledge of working with various space agencies such as NASA, DLR, JAXA, CNES etc. and lived through the explosion of publicly available satellite imagery.