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Our Dependency on Open Source Dependencies

Sunday 10:35 AM–11:05 AM in Hall C

Chances are you've come across at least a few articles talking about "software supply chains," "SBOMs," or "open source dependencies."

If you've read any of these articles and have no idea what it means or want to learn something new - you've come to the right place.

We will give you a crash course into the commotion over open-source software security, the organizations paying attention to it, and why you should pay attention to the billions of dollars pledged to tackle this problem.

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amanda casari she/her • @amcasari@hachyderm.io • @amcasari

amanda casari is a researcher and engineer in the Open Source Programs Office at Google, where she is co-leading research and engineering to better understand risk and resilience in open source ecosystems. She was named an External Faculty member of the Vermont Complex Systems Center in 2021. amanda is persistently fascinated by the difference between the systems we aim to create and the ones that emerge, and pie.