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Multi-tenancy strategies with Django+PostgreSQL

Friday 1:50 PM–2:20 PM in Hall E

Part of the DjangoCon AU specialist track

Most Django sites contain information that effectively needs to be isolated from other users or groups. How can we use Django+Postgres to defend against developer mistakes to ensure private data doesn't leak to the wrong users?

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This talk discusses various strategies for ensuring that data in Django sites is correctly siloed and only visible to users who are intended to be able to access that data.

Pros and cons of various database strategies and Django/Postgres extensions are discussed, including tenancy denormalisation, database-level enforcement, how to leverage custom Model Managers (and their limitations), incremental adoption, multiple databases/schemas/app servers and non-technical considerations.

Levi Cameron He, Him

Levi co-founded Alliance Software, a Melbourne-based development company of 25 people that has been around for almost 20 years and has spun off two startups. As CTO he pivoted the company to Python+Django a decade ago and is now surrounded by happier developers. He enjoys hiking and finding patterns in data.