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Beatmaking with Python and FoxDot

Sunday 2:50 PM–3:20 PM in Hall A

A whimsical introduction to making music and live coding beats with Python, during this talk we will use FoxDot, Supercollider and write Python code while exploring different techniques for coding beats. We will code up a beat in this talk and conclude with a live demonstration

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In this talk I will introduce beat-making using Foxdot: a Python-based language and editor for making music, We will start from scratch by creating basic sounds to get comfortable with the tool and proceed to explore a few different methods to make beats, At the end of the talk, we will have a beat in our hands that was live coded during the course of the talk!



My name is Sangarshanan and I am a Software Engineer from planet Earth. I love making stuff that helps and amuses me in equal measure and standing upside down while holding a banana. When I'm bored you can find me making absurdist memes, yet another spotify playlist or staring straight into the void