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Rust for the Python dev

Sunday 1:30 PM–2:00 PM in Hall B

An overview of the growing number of Rust built tools in the Python ecosystem and how you can integrate Rust and Python yourself

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Rust is a popular systems programming language that both complements the strengths of and integrates well with Python. Increasingly Rust built tools such as Ruff, Polars, and Pydantic V2 are becoming prominent in the Python ecosystem. This talk with give a quick introduction to Rust for the Python developer - covering some language concepts, learning resources, and quick examples of how you can quickly integrate the two programming languages yourself.

Owen Lamont he / him • @owenrlamont#fosstodon.org

I'm an experienced software engineer with 15+ years experience although only been working with Python mainly for around three years. I'm a generalist who likes to sample as much of the Python ecosystem as I can dabbling in both general software engineering and data science tech stacks. Coming from a games technology background the closest thing I'd have to a speciality is advanced and 3D data visualisation. I love being on the bleeding edge of technology and always keen to find and try applying new packages and share what I've found with anyone I can get to listen.