Code of conduct Covid-19 information

Covid-19 information

Covid-19 is in the community, which presents a risk to all of us, but not all of us equally. There are people in our community who are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19, or higher risk of severe negative outcomes, and those people deserve a chance to participate.

PyCon AU will have a robust Covid-19 risk mitigation policy that goes above and beyond what is legally required of us. We’ll also need to impose some requirements on our attendees, so that we can all protect each other. We might not be able to do everything we’d like to, but we will do everything we can reasonably do.

Part of these restrictions are likely to include a mask-wearing requirement for indoor spaces.

As soon as we can (and before ticket sales begin), we’ll update this page with specific details about the commitments we are going to make to our community, and the requirements we expect our community members to follow.